How To Choose Perfect Zip Up Hoodie For Men

Hoodies have been taking on a lot of popularity recently but one type of hoodie has stood out above all the rest, the zip up hoodie.  No one wants to have to fuddle with getting a hoodie over their head.  This can be inconvenient and mess up your hair.  Instead, the zipper allows one to easily discard their jacket.  Let’s take a look at how you can pick out the perfect zip up hoodie.

Summer Patchwork Hoodie
Summer Patchwork Hoodie

Body Shape Vs Hoodie Cut

Hoodies come in a variety of different cuts that can complement some body types while leaving others lacking the style they are looking for.  Take a look at your body type and compare it to the hoodies you are looking at.  Make sure the men’s zip up hoodie is something that you could enjoy wearing.

Know that for most men’s hoodies they will run a bit on the looser side.  If you want a hoodie that fits tighter, you will have to specifically search out that style.  These are becoming more and more popular and it should be easy to tell which ones are tighter fitting.

You might also want to decide as to whether or not you want to wear a long sleeve hoodie or a short sleeve one.  While long sleeve hoodies are the most common and block the most cold.  However, some people enjoy the style of a short sleeve hoodie.

Water Repellant?

While almost all men’s zip up hoodies will not be waterproof, they can be water repellant or water resistant.  Those who live in a high rain area or even in a snowy area will want to look for a hoodie that prevents the wearer from getting wet for a brief amount of time.  A manufacturer will typically say how repellent their clothes are.

Cadence Hoodie

Quality Zipper And Zipper Location

Making sure the men’s zip up hoodie you want has a quality zipper is important.  If a zipper stops working, the whole jacket is often worthless.  A quality zipper is metal and moves freely up and down the jacket.  It also helps to make sure that the design keeps the zipper path free of any objects, including decoration.

Check reviews from past buyers to make sure there are no complaints about the zipper.  Customers who have zippers break tend to talk about it and word gets around.

With modern men’s zip up hoodies, you also have a choice of where the zipper is.  The standard hoodie zips down the center.  New designs zip down the side.  Others will zip in a sideways V shape down the side.  Some don’t use zippers at all.  More and more hoodie designs are using buttons.  Make sure that the buttons will hold.  You might need to have your button sewing reinforced.

The Right Fabric

Check to make sure the fabric that your hoodie is made out of matches the thickness you are expecting.  Fleece, for example, can keep you a lot warmer than a thin cotton layer.  For a jacket that you can wear during most times of the year go for a thinner material.  If you want the hoodie to protect you during the winter, look for something that is made out of fleece.

Phantom Assassin Hoodie
Phantom Assassin Hoodie

Read The Reviews

At least once in this article already, we have mentioned that you should read the reviews to look for something specific.  At the same time though, you want to make sure that you just read the reviews to get a general sense of how well the hoodie performs, the quality of the material, and how long it will last.  Customer reviews are probably one of the most important factors in buying anything online.  A real customer can tell you what a product is really like.

Now that you are armed with the most important information for buying a zip up hoodie, you can go out and make the right choice.  There are a lot of options out there but using these factors you can narrow the choice down.  You will just have to decide on color by yourself!  Enjoy your new men’s zip up hoodie.